Joshua Swiss

TL;DR - I'm a Pittsburgh-born, former humanitarian worker, current software engineer, based in Glasgow, enjoying being in one place after a long nomadic period.

Hey there, I'm Josh! I'm a Glasgow-based Software Engineer, by way of Kenya, South Sudan, Washington DC, The Gambia, and Pittsburgh. I became a programmer in a bit of a roundabout way: I originally studied Public Policy and wanted to be an urban planner, but the 2008 financial crisis forced me into the consulting world, which bored me into a drive for adventure in the aid and development sector across sub-Saharan Africa. My work increasingly required the use of technological tools, and I increasingly wanted to be able to make and adjust the tools myself. I participated in a bootcamp in London in 2015, and have been a software engineer since.

Being a Software Engineer satisfies my drive for always learning new things. While staying on top of new technologies, trends, and best practices is a challenge, it's definitely a welcome one.

I am primarily a JavaScript developer, with most of my time spent on frontend web development. I do a bit of backend stuff too, and even some DevOps, mostly NodeJS/Express, Postgres, and AWS. For the past year I've written JavaScript almost exclusively with Typescript. Aside from Svelte projects where there is not good Typescript support (yet), I plan on only working in Typescript from now on.

Over the years I've had the pleasure to work with other languages too; PHP, Ruby, Java, etc. I'm no expert in any of them, but I certainly know enough to navigate an existing code base.

I am currently learning and re-learning some languages and frameworks that I write about in my blog, including:

  • Rust;
  • CSS-Grid & Flexbox;
  • Svelte; and
  • Docker.

When I'm not writing code I try to get outside and enjoy the Scottish outdoors as much as possible. I love hiking, running, cycling, and foraging. The weather here is not always conducive to outdoor activities, so when I'm stuck inside I like to cook, ferment/pickle what I've foraged, and read, mostly fiction. I might write about this stuff too 😬.

If you want to read about whatever; JavaScript, Rust, fermentation, running, life, etc., please check out my blog.